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Wabisabi™ decorative bowl (16 in.)

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Color: Clear
Min: 2
Sold in groups of 2

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept derived from Buddism that appreciates imperfection. It venerates simplicity, roughness, modesty, and asymmetry. Our artisans have helped us capture this aesthetic in glass serveware with softly irregular surfaces and imperfectly shaped rims. The artists own inspiration determines final forms. This is the apotheosis of casual dining. Relax, life is not perfect, but it is fun.

  • No two pieces are exactly alike
  • MULTIPLE USES - perfect as serving dishes, centerpieces, bulb forcing and floating candles
  • HAND MADE - skilled artisans blow this glass into a rough mold and then fire-polish the surfaces to create it's unique look.
  • 16" dia