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Grayson™ hurricane (7 dia. x 11 in.)

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Color: Clear
Min: 1
Sold in groups of 1
Why you'll love it

The Grayson Hurricane 6.7 dia x 11in. is a beautiful and unique candleholder. This candle holder is handmade from mouth blown glass in India. The Grayson is perfect for holding candles, flowers, and other décor. The beautiful glass construction and handmade quality make this candleholder a work of art.

  • Delicate Design

    The intricate pattern etched on these clear glass cylinders may give the impression of loosely woven cloth, but the creative process is even more painstaking

  • Intricate Design

    Every line you see must be carefully cut into the glass by hand

  • Captivating Candlelight

    The result is a delicate grid that at once captures the flame of a candle and diffuses the light as it escapes

  • Versatile Pieces

    The larger cylinders may be adapted as vases

Details & Dimensions
  • Assembly Required

    No assembly required

  • Dimensions

    6.69 w x 6.69 d x 10.98 h in.

  • Weight

    3.97 lbs.

  • Material

    Crafted with Mouth blown Glass

  • Country of Origin



Dishwasher safe