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Bagan™ card box (large)

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Color: Black
Min: 1
Sold in groups of 1

Burmese lacquerware has been prized for centuries. Flexible, delicate, but incredibly durable, this precious product had disappeared from view for almost five decades until Burma's recent opening to the West. Our design team rushed to the re-opened source of this exquisite material reprising classic designs and inventing new shapes. The process starts with the finest bamboo thinned to the consistency of paper and then layered 16 times over the course of several months with a lacquer formula handed down within families. The result is a collection of objects suitable for daily use that will last for centuries. The finish has a density and quality only the human hand can achieve. These elegant and luxurious items must be enjoyed and collected before modernization relegates these treasures to the museums.

  • Bamboo and lacquered card box
  • Perfect for storing a deck of cards
  • Available in two sizes
  • Flexible but durable material
  • Approximately 6.2" x 4.5" x 2.3"